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Telling the Time

Worksheets which cover: telling the time on analogue and digital clocks; using 'am' and 'pm'; and reading seconds on stop watches.


Adding and Subtracting Times

Worksheets which cover: working out earlier and later times both in analogue and digital formats; adding hours and minutes; and subtracting hours and minutes


Converting between units of time

Worksheets which cover: converting minutes to hours; seconds to minutes and seconds; and converting days, weeks, months, years, hours, minutes and seconds.


Time Durations and Simple Timetables

Worksheets which cover: working out whole hour durations; working out time durations in hours and multiples of 5 minutes; and working out time durations in hours and minutes.


24-Hour Time

Worksheets which cover: using 24 hour times and reading timetables.


Time Zones

Worksheets which cover: using international time zones; using Australian time zones and daylight saving; and using British Summer Time


Days, Months, Years

Worksheets which cover; days of the week; months of the year; using a calendar; AC and BC; and writing dates.

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