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Volume and Capacity


The Litre

Worksheets which cover: estimating the capacity of containers and reading water levels.


The Millilitre

Worksheets which cover: reading water levels in millilitres.


Converting Between Units

Worksheets which cover: changing millilitres into litres and millilitres and fractions of litres; changing between cubic centimetres, millilitres and litres; changing between cubic metres and litres; working out volumes by displacement; and understanding the relationship between the volume and weight of water.


Using Decimal Notation

Worksheets which cover: writing millilitres as a decimal of a litre


Adding And Subtracting Capacities/Volumes

Worksheets which cover: adding and subtracting millilitres and litres.


Volume and Capacity Problems

Worksheets which cover: solving problems involving millilitres and litres; solving problems involving volume, capacity and displacement; and calculating 'best' buys.


Volume The Cubic Centimetre

Worksheets which cover: working out volumes by counting cubic centimetres; and calculating the volumes of rectangular prisms.


Volume The Cubic Metre

Worksheets which cover: relating cubic centimetres to cubic metres; working out volumes by counting cubic metres; calculating volumes of rectangular prisms.


Non Metric Units For Volume And Capacity

Worksheets which cover: cups; fluid ounces; and gallons

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